Letra de Soho de Al Stewart
Come walk the streets of crime
And the coloured bright lit corners of low repute
See the dazzling night life glow beyond the dawn and burning in
The heart of Soho

Hear the market cries and see the wares displayed
Through the window of your soul

Come watch the naked dance
That spins before your very eyes naked like the sun
Step inside where men before have drunk their fill to senseless
Their dreams fade and die

And free and easy does the blood red wine come flowing
From the glass to your veins

Oh the midday dream is silent
In the gardens where you're resting from the troubles of your mind
And though the sun is shining bright the owl within the garden
Is either sleeping or is dead

And through the afternoon the buzzing bees do harmonize
With the rushing city light

Letra de: http://www.letrasymusica.net

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