Letra de Lisbon Antigua de Nat King Cole
Pd...  Musik: Raul Portela; Jose Galhardo; Amadeu do Vale.  {Portug} ?1937.
Lyrik Eng:  Harry Dupree ...Pd.

Pd...  ®Cv1959: Us#x; Uk#x.

{Pd®1Rec1955: Nelson Riddle and his Orchestra: {?Instrum}:  Us Ht#1(56Feb25:4w, 55Dec31Onch21w); Uk#x} .
{Pd®AlsoCv:  Frank Chacksfield({under the title "?In Old Lisbon" }Uk#15; Us#x);  Mitch Miller etc(1956); Ray Conniff(1961); Billy Vaughn etcPaul Mauriat(1973); Ect...} ...Pd.

Pd... I gave my heart to you in old Lisbon that night,
Under the spell of your charms,
I felt your arms hold me so tight;
`Twas heaven to find such bliss in each kiss;
I lost my heart but I found one so true,
In old Lisbon with you.

It happened one night in Portugal
Lisbon was gay in the moonlight,
The stars were shining above
When I found you, my love;
What is this strangeness, this splendor,
All this myst'ry that makes me surrender? ...Pd.

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