Letras de Journey
Journey nos presenta sus letras de canciones y últimos éxitos musicales, así como sus últimos discos:
Otras canciones:
Don't Stop Believin'
Open Arms
Any Way You Want It
Who's Crying Now
Wheel in the Sky
Don't Stop Believing
Only the Young
I'll Be Alright Without You
Send Her My Love
Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin'
Ask the Lonely
When You Love a Woman
Girl Can't Help It
Be Good to Yourself
Separate Ways
Stone in Love
Still They Ride
After the Fall
Chain Reaction
Seperate Ways
Mother, Father
Remember Me
Keep On Runnin'
Never Walk Away
After All These Years
Stay Awhile
Feeling That Way
All the Way
Edge of the Blade
When I Think of You
Just the Same Way
Good Morning Girl
Troubled Child
Line of Fire
What I Needed
Turn Down the World Tonight
Why Can't This Night Go on Forever
Message of Love
Faith in the Heartland
Lay It Down
Loved By You
Dead or Alive
The Eyes of a Woman
Back Talk
Of a Lifetime
Still She Cries
Too Late
Walks Like a Lady
Higher Place
Once You Love Somebody
It's All Too Much
Positive Touch
Little Girl
Easy to Fall
Can't Tame the Lion
Who's Cryin' Now
Happy to Give
Opened the Door
If He Should Break Your Heart
Trial by Fire
Where Were You
Someday Soon
Winds of March
You're on Your Own
What It Takes to Win
Somethin' to Hide
Livin' to Do
Do You Recall
Can Do
La Do Da
One More
Mystery Mountain
In the Morning Day
It Could Have Been You
The Place in Your Heart
City of the Angels
Kiss Me Softly
I'm Cryin'
Look Into the Future
In My Lonely Feeling / Conversations
Like a Sunshower
I'm Gonna Leave You
Nickel and Dime
Signs of Life
With Your Love
Lovin' You Is Easy
Castles Burning
It's Just the Rain
Oh Sherrie
Precious Time
She Makes Me Feel Alright
To Play Some Music
Beyond the Clouds
Where Did I Lose Your Love
Only Solutions
All the Things
Lifetime of Dreams
Sweet and Simple
On a Saturday Nite
Midnight Dreamer
Raised on Radio
Better Together
Wildest Dream
Homemade Love
Forever in Blue
Colors of the Spirit
I Would Find You
Here We Are
I Can See It in Your Eyes
People and Places
City of Hope
Chain of Love
Every Generation
Out of Harms Way
On a Saturday Night
I Got a Reason
We Will Meet Again
Lady Luck
Snow Theme
A Few Coins
Don't Be Down on Me Baby
When the Love Has Gone
Festival Dance
A Better Life
Knowing That You Love Me
Gone Crazy
Change for the Better
World Gone Wild
Dixie Highway
Live and Breathe
To Be Alive Again
Moon Theme
The Rape
Edge of the Moment
In Self-Defense
Baby I'm a Leavin' You
Human Feel
Feeling That Way / Anytime
Let It Take You Back
Nothin' Comes Close
Natural Thing
All That Really Matters
In My Lonely Feeling
Anything Is Possible
To Whom It May Concern
La Raza Del Sol
Cookie Duster
For You
Velvet Curtain / Feeling That Way
I'm Not That Way
She's a Mystery
The Time
I Can Breathe
Keep on Running
Loving, Touching, Squeezing
Opens Arms
Good Times
Don't Stop Belevin'
Intro: Red 13 / State of Grace
Walkin' Away From the Edge

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