Letra de Sleepwalking de Al Stewart
The stranger comes to town and he is greeted like a prince
Society declares him wise and funny
Celebrities are only decorations in this place
What really matters here is old money

His temporary lover has amber colored skin
In a lush apartment in the city center
Bankers like his company, they always let him in
There is no door to tell him, "Do Not Enter"

They're following a dream, following a dream, sleepwalking

Our boy's become a member of a most desired club
He has a fine address in the East 60's
If hipness could be  diagrammed then he would be the hub
And girls follow him around like sexy pixies

There's talk among the moneymen in Miami Beach
The train is leaving, you don't want to miss it
Whatever it is he's offering is there within your reach
So, here is the ring, why don't you kiss it?

They're following a dream, following a dream, sleepwalking

But there's a country house a world away from here
Where accusations fill the room today
Something has gone missing and it's absolutely clear
A servant left quite suddenly
He didn't ask for money he
Just packed up and went quietly away

Back inside the nouveau world the riche are sitting down
They realize it's time for some assessments
Their charismatic friend is somehow nowhere to be found
Along with their good will and their investments

Someone said they saw him on a plane to Salvador
Or maybe Moscow now the weather's warming
The lure of easy money keeps him constantly employed
And it's a social service he's performing

They're following a dream, following a dream, sleepwalking
They're following a dream, willingly it seems, sleepwalking

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