Letra de Toutes Les Etoiles de Al Stewart
Voila, tante Pascale.
Toutes les etoiles
Dans mon verre dansant dans la lumiere
Voila. toutes les etoiles
Les petites bulles
dans mon verre dansant dans la nuit

Dom Perignon said "I've discovered A wine to be served to kings and lovers
And down through the years a stream of bubbles
Will flow all around the world"

repeat chorus

Life in the abbey goes unending
The monks and the bete, the prayers and mending
The secret of wine is in the blending
And I need a way to keep the stars
The wine is sending

repeat chorus

The Due d'Orleans is lying on the floor
Raising a hand and crying out for more
Go take a glass to Madame Pompadour All of society is cheering this discovery

Voila, tante Pascale,Toutes les etoiles Les petites bals
Ca n'est pas mal On met les voiles
Toutes les etoiles
Toutes les etoiles

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