Letra de Nothing Left to Do de Alan Jackson
I shaved my face and combed my hair,
Put on a new pair of underwear
And sat on the porch with my Labrador
Like a hundred other times before
She changed her shoes and freshened up her face,
Put on some skimpy sexy lace
And finally made her way through the back screen door,
We loaded up on the front seat of my Ford

And we went out to dinner and we drove right back home,
Watched an old movie and drank a half a bottle of rum
Then we turned off the tv and we got right down to it,
There ain't nothin' left to do now that we've done it

Oh, yeah

It seems like it happens every time,
We get a chance to reignite that fire
We burn it fast and then retire
Just before the news on channel five


After all these years it can get routine,
You can change the order up, or use different names
Try it in the mornin' or the middle of the day,
The end result's still the same


Oh, Lord, we've turned off the t.v.
And we got right down to it,
And there ain't nothin' left to do now that we've done it

Hey, honey, hand me that remote.

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