Letra de Short Sweet Ride de Alan Jackson
I could see it coming from a mile away
A heartache lookin' for a place to stay
But I couldn't resist her and I couldn't be cool
Lord can't a woman make a man a fool

Its an age-old story but it still holds true
There ain't no end to what a man won't do
Hell love some woman til he goes insane
Its a short sweet ride on a runaway train

I was drunk and crazy from her sweet perfume
But I knew stone sober I was being used
Now the heartache lingers like a cheap cologne
She took all she wanted then she was gone


It was almost worth if for the time we spent
But there ain't no future in a heart for rent
Still she taught me something bout the facts of life
Love cuts quicker than a switchblade knife


Its a short sweet ride on a runaway train

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