Letra de Up to My Ears in Tears de Alan Jackson
You told me you don't love me, when you walked out the door
I stood there feelin' lonely, then the tears began to pour
What else could I do, I'd never felt like that before
So I cried an ol' blue river in the middle of the floor

Now I'm up to my ears in tears
I'm cryin' night and day since you went away
The things you used to say, honey, I no longer hear
That water's cold and clear, I'm drownin' for you dear
Up to my ears in tears

Well I found some old love letters you wrote me years ago
But the words all ran together when the tears began to flow
Cause you left that water runnin' now it's got nowhere to go
If I can't wash away your memory well I'll just go under slow


The water's cold and clear
I'm drowning for you dear
Upt to my ears in tears

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