Letra de The Deepest Gray de All That Remains
[solo 1: Herbert, solo 2: Martin]

Could blood not be so sweet or flow enough to sustain
Two hundred nine tomorrow's rise and I'm alone again
Please not this way so sweet on my tounge it burns away
An empty promise fills my veins with lies

The deepest gray forever lives inside of me
But I am not afraid for I have lived this agony

And time ticks slowly forward towards the break of day
Five seven nine arrival more fuel for disarray
But be still my tounge for I know not what I say
My life is lived in darkness and here I'll remain

And so the night wears on
And so my patience thins
I now walk through this fire
To purify the sins

And so the night wears on and so my patience thins
To my eyes dawn in horror cause I'm alone again

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