Letra de Put You Up on Game de Aretha Franklin
Come on over here sweetie I reallyy wanna talk to you for a few

[Aretha Franklin:]
Sure your in love again your never sure hes gonna be the one cause
on the first night he tryed to get the ooey; cause he kiss you on
your cheek & called you baby it don't mean he ain't runningg no

Could you listen for a minute you ain't the one who is in it;

[Aretha Franklin:]
Now listen don't get it twisted I ain't hatingg cause I been there &
I've done that I'm just watchingg your back;

[chorus: both]
Lemme put you up on game every man is different but the game
won't change.lemme put you up on game so you don't make the
same mistakes I made; lemme put you up on game; game makes
the players & the players play the game; so before you go & take
his last name lemme put you up on up on game;

Now I hear what you sayingg & I know you tested for worse in your
days & you been through some things he might just be the one my
get up and summon js something bout em so different;

[Aretha Franklin:]
You gotta know yourself a lil better I'm tryna help you girl for what
it's worth;

Cause you done been there & done that; I ain't gon go out like that

[chorus: both]

[Aretha Franklin:] I don't wanna see you hurt

I'll be okay
Make a sure thing before
Sometimes youthink you know but you don't
So follow my advice sometimes you gotta know
You need help

[chorus: both]

I understand what you saying
No you don't
I already know all that
No you don't now listen to the voice of experience
I'm listening you know a hard head will make a rude pootey tootey;

[chorus: till fade]

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