Letra de Background Music to Her Awakening de August Burns Red
Then all silence is removed from the last room
With the cord ripped from the phone.
She stays asleep.
She remains asleep.
Why won't she wake?
In the background
I can hear the trumpets sing their song
So powerful, so elegant.
This is what scares me the most.
If I can't have her,
who is there to carry her love across oceans?
She used to remind me that all is not lost,
As long as what you failed doing
Was something worth more
Than just your arrogant pride.
This is true my girl.
This is true.
I will always keep that in my mind, to open it.
To be reborn is to define the intent
Of finding bliss in tragedy.
I'm in your debt.

Letra de: http://www.letrasymusica.net

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