Letra de Sincerity de August Burns Red
Rarely the rare are seen in the ocean of chaotic reality. This lighthouse gives direction, caution, and awareness. In the dark and distant, this man is still seen. His fierce devotion to what he believes is true, as he feels the weight of this collapsed nation. Staring
into the face of adversity, he will remain with courage and bravery. It keeps him walking towards the flames in good faith that he will remain. "Our existence is an imprint. We all have a legacy to live," he says to me. His grace is such a blessing. Surely it's something
to write home about. Its presence never recognized while life passes by, never stopping to thank you. "Be calm. Just sleep. Let your heavy spirit rest its knees. You've been running for so many years," he says to me. A true inspiration, a light in the dark and distant, I
stop my life to thank you. You have carried me through the storm, through its heavy winds. I stop my life to thank you. Rarely the rare are seen. What's seen as defeat is his philosophy. Better to be a one-man army than a cavalry hurdling the weak. he brings comfort to
the masses in the name of compassion. His merit, his amour, clears the path for the broken down and defeated. To see the masterpiece that's painted in our names. "What we see is not all we believe," he says to me. He will remain.

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