Letra de Big White Door de Chris Rea
Looks like I'm flying
But I'm crawling slowly
I learn the way to swim
Is just to let it go
Don't expect nothing
Don't smile or grieve no more
Except maybe a little more pain
And a little more closely
To the big white door

First time I saw it
My fear ran wild
Screaming like a drowing man
Crying like a child
But each time I looked out
It was a little closer than before
Of that big white door

Now I'm gliding on the fast flow
Now I'm falling through the air
Seems like everything is moving slowly
Now I find I don't seem to care
A little closer
A little darker
'Til there's nothing else more
Just the universe in shadow
Of the big, the big white door
Of the big white door

Letra de: http://www.letrasymusica.net

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