Letra de Lucifer's Angel de Chris Rea
You say I'm still here
But inside I'm gone
Lucifer's angel
Is singing this song
And you say there's no reason
For this sad soul to be blue
But that all depends
On what you heard was true

God in his chamber
Judge is in the hall
Lucifer's Angel screams a victory call
And you say it's all shiny, shiny and new
But that all depends
On what you say is true

There a kind of change
That not many will see
Til it's too late to reason
And the Devil runs free
And you say you're the wise man
We should listen to you
But that all depends
On what you ever knew

I see a new kind of winning
And I wish you could see too
All the rules have been broken
And they're laughing at you
You say I'm thinking too heavy
There's no fearing to do
But that always depended
On what you say is true

There's a big change coming
Like you ain't seen before
Lucifer's gone missing
There's something else at your door
While you say that I worry
And that men that hide
Can never sue
While that all was depending
On what you thought
You ever knew

Letra de: http://www.letrasymusica.net

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