Letra de Who Killed Love de Chris Rea
These streets of tears
Are all that's left to see
Somebody made them
Now it's our destiny
Down on the corner
A cruel wind that blows
Where the gentle smile was lost
Nobody knows
Nobody knows

Now you can die out there
By the company wall

Nobody gonna help you
If you stumble and fall
No tell me who
Who killed love
Oh won't you tell me
Who, who killed love
Don't let this chance get away
Why don't you leave some
Heat to say you passed this way

They all looking for money
They all looking to be
Somebody who gets away
Somebody who breaks free
But they're building their dreams
On a broken old floor
They can't get one cent ahead
Each single day a little more
Everybody crying
Everybody blue

You try to find some kind of peace
Before the night was through
Building up the pressure
Losing every day
Jesus asked the question
But they looked the other way
So tell me who
Who killed love

Say a prayer for the lonely
For the sad and the blue
Say a prayer for me while your on your knees
And I'll say a prayer for you
Say a prayer for the broken
Say a prayer for the old
Say a prayer for each other
While we save all our souls
No tell me who
Who killed love
Oh won't you tell me please
Who, who killed love

Letra de: http://www.letrasymusica.net

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