Letra de Poor Boy de Elvis Presley
Hey there, poor boy, lost your honeycomb
One thing's sure, boy, if you're stayin' home
You got no chance for another chick
Make tonight's dance that'll turn the trick
Rock-in', roll-in' you'll forget her, boy
Put your soul in someone better, boy

Have a big ball, get it off your chest
Maybe this all happened for the best
Could be, Poor Boy, as you flip 'n' whirl
You'll find pure joy with another girl

When your old flame comes a runnin' back
Just say "shame, shame" and begin to quack
Ha, ha, ha, ha,
Are you kidding me?
Ha, ha, ha, ha,
I could never be like I once was
I'm no fool now, I'm too cool now
I am free just say "Hi" to her, and good bye to her
Stroll away and let her be

Hey there, poor boy, watcha mopin' for
That's the cure boy, you've been hopin' for
Good advice now, you're not takin' it
Won't try nohow even fakin' it
Love can stall you like a little toy
So I call you poor boy

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