Letra de Chicago Is So Two Years Ago de Fall Out Boy
My heart is on my sleeve
Wear it like a bruise or black eye
My badge, my witness
That means I believed
Every single lie you said

Cause every pane of glass that your pebbles tap
Negates the pains I went through to avoid you
And every little tap on the shoulder for attention
Fails to mention I still hate you

But there's a light on in Chicago
And I know I should be home
All the colors of the street signs
They remind me of the pickup truck
Out in front of your neighbor's house

She took me down and said
"Boys like you are overrated. So save your breath"
Loaded words and loaded friends
Are loaded guns to our heads.

You want apologies, girl you might hold your breath
Until your breathing stops forever
The only thing you'll get
Is this curse on your lips
I hope they taste of me forever

With every breath I wish your body
Will be broken again

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