Letra de Someone to Light Up My Life de Frank Sinatra
(A.C. Jobim, G. Lees, V. De Moraes)
[Recorded Febrary 12, 1969, Hollywod]

Go on your way with the cloudless blue sky above
May all your days be a wonderful song of love
Open your arms and sing of all the hidden hopes you'll ever treasure
And live out your life in peace
Where shall I look for the love to replace you, someone to light up my life
Someone with strange little ways, eyes like a blue autumn haze
Someone with your laughing style,
And a smile that I know will keep haunting me endlessly
Sometimes in stars or the swift flight of seabirds, I catch a moment of you
Thats why I walk all alone. searching for something unknown
Searching for something or someone to light up my life

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