Letra de The Lord of the Rings de Howard Shore

Prologue: One Ring To Rule Them All (7:16)

The Shire (2:29)
Bag End (Featuring "The Road Goes Ever On")] (4:35)
Very Old Friends (3:12)
Flaming Red Hair (2:39)
Farewell Dear Bilbo (1:45)
Keep It Secret, Keep It Safe (Featuring "The Road Goes Ever On" And "Drinking Song")] (8:54)
A Conspiracy Unmasked (6:09)
Three Is A Company (1:58)
The Passing Of The Elves (2:39)
Saruman The White (4:09)
A Shortcut To Mushrooms (4:07)
Strider (2:34)
The Nazgûl (Featuring "The Song Of Lúthien") (6:04)
Weathertop (2:14)
The Caverns Of Isengard (4:54)
Give Up The Halfling (4:49)
Orthanc (1:06)
Rivendell (3:26)
The Sword That Was Broken (3:34)
The Council Of Elrond Assembles (Featuring "Aníron (Theme For Aragorn And Arwen) (4:01)
The Great Eye (5:30)
Gilraen's Memorial (5:01)
The Pass Of Caradhras (5:04)
The Doors Of Durin (6:03)
Moria (2:27)
Gollum (2:26)
Balin's Tomb (8:30)
Khazad-Dûm (8:00)
Caras Galadhon (Featuring "Lament For Gandalf") (9:20)
The Mirror Of Galadriel (6:21)
The Fighting Uruk-Hai (11:32)
Parth Galen (9:13)
The Departure Of Boromir (5:29)
The Road Goes Ever On... (Part 1) (5:58)
May It Be (3:26)
The Road Goes Ever On... (Part 2) (Featuring "In Dreams") (3:41)

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