Letra de Angels Freestyle de Kid Cudi
Been leaning for A minute know I spit It can't come up in the booth it's too explicit now if I wrote It Or written I will still get It people should know It I'm hotter I will admit It I put my hand up hey teacher I ask a question I got somthing for sucka haters that need A lesson I Ain't playin I Ain't guessin I'm Smith & Wesson I'm pure human form homie I hear them blessin bless your gone I hit you on just tell me what'ch your on yeah I run on and I will catch a breath to try to say I dont inhale man there's nothing left I throw the clip In your face If you ever wanna come test me ask about a sucka hater man they don't want ya the young boy double O represent the ask chip I get It In homie off the rip everytime I'm freestyling off the dome I need the corona and the b***h will probly get me gone wa wa wa wautch you on I tell them you three and 808's N' dropping man on the moon those sucka's cannot hate I'ma get those grammy's and stack them Ima get them grammy's and stack them and give them to my momma my daddy up above looking down there's no more drama see what we doing dropping bombs salut me like obama hey man's know me tag along tag along my bathing ape'as I got it coolin man I'm rollin fast ya knowin how we do it ban down sucka pass if you know it hey hey the money we will spend it hey my life my dreams homeboy I'm living in them you know how we rocking cheaf Wa'who is on the fit it I I'm up in the booth I should be up in the guinness heyy i rap i should be up in the guinness hey hey I'm innovative i should be in the guinness for ripping the ill'est and the newerish spittin you know how we rippin with me and Drizzy hayy hahahaha Drizzy hayyyy hola

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