Letra de Ashin' Kusher de Kid Cudi
First things first, we been rippin
get it in, cudder
niggas know the name, it's none other
I know you know me, the double O repper
do you step a gun toter nana, smoke kusher
I know you lovin how I do it when I switch up the nizzame
skinny nigga Diggy in ya city getting chizzange
like I'm Carmelo, meet me in the gizzame
yammin on you sucka niggas, yammin on these HOES
roll swishers in the whip, with the pistol quick
as now whiskey motherfucka, we up in this bitch
hoes love cooder (cudder), smooth duder, cudua
I am climbing, I am climbing, and I know why

y'all know I keep it funky motherfucka, better get it right,
get it right, better get it right, get it right
oooh hooo, oooh hooo yeaaaah
and I'll be rockin along zonin
and movin along zonin,
oooh hooo, oooh hooo yeaaaah

hey, doin what I want, no need to front
skinny and tatted the fuck up
they pass me the blunts, baby get up
we in this bitch, laxin
dennis know the game, he in the crowd mackin
all up off the dome, no need to pin it friend
me and my nigga we gettin in
told my man plain pat, dog ever since day one
we gon get it poppin, that's what I'm in for
if you knew me man, I don't really worry bout a nigga tryna judge
who are you? Judy! Girl shake ya feather, do ya thing till you feel right
I know you know the name, the team we takin this aight


Life... together....
we all in together now
all in together, all, all baby get it all in together now

Doin what I need, hater rhyme LK
how many times I tell em we don't care what people say
even if I do something unruly, I be like "fuck a nigga I was probably zooted"
off the top, honestly, the kush and goose combination harmful G
found my own rhythm while I'm lookin through my viennas
everybody could talk that shit until they see em
then they all on my ballsack, word
the night bounds and they sayin I'm absurd
ya old jive ass nigga look around, hey you be around
fam I'm in the clouds

(chorus x2)

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