Letra de Come Around de Kid Cudi
Yeah, yeah...(aah)
Yeah (aaw shit) yeah

I'm extra good (I've landed, nigga)
I'm extra (Cleveland status)

(Verse 1)
Hello hello I bring the new era of terror
speaking and its peaking but its cool you hear me clearly
in the lac' how it sound when it's up
don't act you aint fuckin wit it
Cudi hate the fronters
they always in the back, fronting, saying something
until I, open my mothafuckin mind and let it spill
over samples over sense over heavy kicks in the mix
figured i was all singing til I began ripping
ready to die ever since my father died
infatuated with death since my uncles left
Go through the ghost of my family
dancing in the valley when they hear the harps playin
Day N Nite in the night
Oh, I ever wondered if I get this rappin' right
Hmm, I know why the bitches treat me oh so, politely
I need the mushu and this occurs to
I'll explain more after a blunt or two

Oh, will they come around?
wonder if they'll come around, now
oh, oh will they come around
will they ever come around, now
Now come around

Now do you get it, now do you get it
homeboy, mothafucka, do you get it?
Now do you get it, do you get it
homeboy, mothafucka, do you get it (get it)

(Verse 2)
Some niggaz where a Jesus piece
trying to show their passion for ice
instead of trying to show their passion for Christ
so until I get my world right homie I'm jesus chainless
waiting in the dungeon with the not many stainless
I'll be buckin at my demons
truly for more reasons I couldn't put into words
only assign melodies
if you ever hear a sweet sad sound
those are the profound tones of
while I'm feeling lost, still waiting to found, down
not by a model bitch, in her peace and Carey Anne
New motivation for the new generation
born in 96' watching reruns of Fresh Prince
Inspiration come from all different angles
it is tangled in between
the bullshit that can claim you
Aye Lebron play this song before
you step on the court
this could your alley-oop
while you hop out the coupe
never made it on the team
but im pimpin for sport
ignorant to the fact i'm dying quick off this pork
if any niggaz set the goal for the sky to be the limit
you limit your role too stupid to even know
Damn son, what the hell?
We all need to think intergalactic
As I style as I smile
Finally after awhile, hold it now
They come around




Get wit it!

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