Letra de Cudi Spazzin' de Kid Cudi

[Verse 1]
Whoa, Nellie, I don't even think they ready
They flow is too shitty, not me I can't get wit it
Gon wit it, Kid Cudi the illi, rep my city
In the navy blue Cutlass, no roof above him
Hoes, they love em, model girls I cut and fuck em
Hey, I rep that double-O, you ain't on the ho
I got my man Chip the Rip, wit a Spanish bitch takin' flicks
And she gon take a lick, yea mami
Later on we gettin' sushi, mami eatin' at her mami
West coast so I'm ghost, holla at my nigga Travie
We wheelin', pick up the Heroes or the Gym Class topping
The charts with the art that exhibits couldn't exhibit
The grizzle, I live it, run passed the timid livin'
In the bubble, keep the number when I mumble (?)
Wit skill, red-rum them trynna figure out him
Baptize myself in the river of Henn-essy

[Chorus 2x]
Open up your heart and
You will understand me
Fall into the music
And let yourself go

[Verse 2]
Go, go (?)
Do you (?) you shall receive wit a sea
Deep in the realm if you felt like you were alone, no fair
Salute the underdog, I am here in the clear
Over there, niggas ain't diff, what if
I was them, I would be a symbol of dopeness
Will ever, ever be my aura
Steve Urkel nigga lookin' for a Laura
Proceed, I am the one, to cliche, you call me Neo
If anything dope has arrived rap wise as far as overall killin'
Body, embody him (?) to accommodate the (?)
My heart is titanium alloy
So if you come up with ploys to destroy my passion
I'mma tell you now you are better off passin'
Stop writin' checks that your ass can't cash in, bro...

[Chorus 3x]

Yea, yea, yo, yo

Plain Pat what up?
Emile what up?
Dot Da Genius what up?
Rob Walker what up?
Wale what up?
Travis what up?
88 what up?
KanYe what up?
SK what up?
My nigga Hawk what up?
10.Deep what up?
Choo Choo what up?
My nigga Ritz what up?
My nigga Zully what up?
Pitbull what up?
Big Poe what up?
Mickey Factz what up?
Kidz in the Hall what up?
Brooklyn what up?
Cleveland what up?
Cincinnati what up?
Columbus what up?
Toledo what up?
Ohio what up?

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