Letra de Pion de Kid Cudi
Turn me up on the beat, yuhhh!
Nigga! nnnyeah
As this journey begins
The battle commences

Motherfucka' what? do you really want
My flow is off the cusp
Motherfuckas try to play me like what
I am super duper motherfucka get it uhhh hands pleaseee
Uhm takin too long on the blunt I'm like yoooo
Puff puff pass with your bitch ass
Na salute to the masses
Im a champ raise ya glasses
Nigga look at me, fix ya face
Kid cudi back nigga servin up a taste of the mashhhhh- potatoe flow
Nigga betta get with me for sho
Double o nigga for the co
Awh man west niggas lie slab let the doors go
And we dont give a fuck about the pigs
My niggas round here
My niggas do it big Ya Diggggg!
Yah! yeahnnn

You a pion, nigga you a pion
I stomp on your world, I stomp on your world
You a pion, pion
I'm in the touchdown in zone nigga doing the Deion
Yeah! you a pion, you a pion
I stomp on your world in the touchdown, nigga do the Deion
Nigga you a pion, nigga you a pion. im in the in zone doin the Deion
What the shit is he on?!

What the fuck is that Nigga on! I bring em the..erriooo-o
I got these niggas like a uh oh them niggas betta..oo-o uh oh I got these hoes cheerio-o
They flippin with the gogo- they know im gadget
My flow is mac-test my slip is all-rip
I got these motherfuckers tryna play me awhhh shit

But I be that nigga that rip it any way that he wanna and sometimes he be tryna sing on a bitch!!
Believe it im possessed
I dont even know who this soul is
But it dont matter my past life- on the moon
Got my earth life so doomed
While I consume mad blunts and drink mad henny
Talkin bout the bitches that I wanna fuck plenty
Ask bout that im gone get my money spend every penny till im bankrump MC Hammer
Till I got bad bitches in my room I hammer
Man im hammered
Slithered off the budlight
And I sip right when I get right I smoke and I puff good
Tell me what you know about G.O.O.D
You never seen a nigga this good besides music
The flow stay the truest
Y'all niggas spittin truancy til you heard of me kid cudder
The biggy biggy boss from the double o CL
I move and ima..what you know about..git git!
Me and my niggas get lit
Me and chip tha rip, ask 'bout me!
My niggas get pissy
Sip cris think about my nigga lil chris
And pour out liquor for my nigga chris
Cuz we gon do this shit we gettin rich!

Let me hear that back...

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