Letra de Higher Than Heaven de Modern Talking
She's cool as ice, I'm hypnotized
My heart is crying just for more
No guarantee, she stays with me
She's my dream, I can't ignore

How can I just explain to her
That she's my baby, oh I swear
How can I just explain my love

Oh I am: higher than heaven (higher than heaven)
In the middle of the night (of the night)
Feeling like the greatest lover (greatest lover)
And I need you by my side
Oh, one two three, lovers live longer
Oh, can't you see, love makes me stronger

She's cool as ice, she's cool as ice

I'm specialized - in lonely eyes
I can't explain-the way I feel
Night after night - the stars shine bright
You're my baby, oh it's real

How can I just explain to you
Tell me what have I got to do
How can I just explain my love

[Chorus: x 2]

Letra de: http://www.letrasymusica.net

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