Letra de Just We Two de Modern Talking

' Good guys only win in the movies -
Evil woman telling stories.
There will never be another you - it's true.
' Down and out in Paris city -
All the things are tough and pretty.
Stay with me until the night is gone - is gone.

' Just we two - Mona Lisa breaks my heart.
Just we two - you're a lovely work of art.
' Baby, just we two - you want me and I want you.
Baby, just we two - I don't wanna lose on you.

' Everybody loves their lover -
Everybody's undercover.
Half a million miles, I'll be from home - from home.
' Heaven must be missing an Angel -
You're the hottest child of the city.
I can't ask for anymore than you - it's true.

' Baby, just we two - I'm a first class fool.
Baby, just we two - all my dreams come true.


Letra de: http://www.letrasymusica.net

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