Letra de When the Sky Rained Fire de Modern Talking
Baby I feel guilty, there's no reason why
Oh baby cause I promised you, love will never lie
Oh I send a wish to heaven
I can't stand the pain inside
This moment tells a story
And I'm stronger than my pride

It was the night, when the sky rained fire
(when the sky rained fire)
It was the night, when the stars begin to fall
It was the night, when I lost my hearts desire
It was the night, baby-when I missed your call

Music is the answer-baby, if you cry
Can't you tell me, where love goes, when it dies
And I knew it's all or nothing
It was not a love affair
Lay your cards here on the table
If you need me I'll be there

Letra de: http://www.letrasymusica.net

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