Letra de Come Closer to Me de Nat King Cole
Come closer to me so I can see
heaven in your eyes
Come closer to me so I can be
close to Paradise

Thrill me with your kisses
Let me learn what bliss is
Kiss me once and then we'll kiss and kiss again
And life will be divine

Come closer my dear
So I can hear
music in my heart
I've waited so long to hear
the song that youre love will start

Darling I'll adore you
Live my life just for you
All I ask is this
please give me one more kiss
and whisper you'll be mine

Come closer to me (etc...)

Hoy te estaba esperando
confiarte querida un
secreto de amor
Decirte bajito, bajito al odo
Muchas cosas lindas
Bien cerca de ti

Acercate ms, y ms, y mas
pero mucho mas
Y besame as? as? as?

Letra de: http://www.letrasymusica.net

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