Letra de Sweet Georgia Brown de Nat King Cole
She just got here yesterday,
Things are hot here, now, they say.
There's a big change in town,
Some great big changes.
Gals are jealous, there's no doubt,
Still the fellows rave about
Sweet Georgia Brown;
And ever since she came,
The local folks all claim: Say!
No gal made has got a shade on Sweet Georgia Brown-
Two left feet, but oh! so neat has Sweet Georgia Brown;
They all sigh and wanna' die for Sweet Georgia Brown-
I'll tell you just why,
You know I don't lie (not much)
It's been said she knocks 'em dead when she lands in town.
Since she came why, it's a shame how she cools 'em down.
Well, fellers she can't get
Are fellers she ain't met,
Georgia claimed her, Georgia named her
Sweet Georgia Brown.

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