Letra de Dreams de Nicki Minaj
As I sit back relaxed for minuite.I think about the up and coming dat can proboly get.

I might go 2 jail 4 fuckin with hell rell.if he get I'll and pull my ponytails.I heard maine know life a movie set up da cameras fuck em in da ja-cu-zee. freaky zeeky dat should b e-z. he jus came home I noe he wanna do me. wat about j.r writer I'm skillem and wen I wr wr wr writem I'm a grill em.da nigga pap he might he might can fuck me. but I anit tryin b drippin in gino green no gino green. tell stack bring the vlack card. but if I fuck I wonda if he yell squad up.tell rich boy to send me pink toy throw sum d's on and I might breath on it. and wen I'm in philly I gotta fuck dilly. snatch his big mac and slap da bitch silly.

Dreams of fuckin a rap rap dude I'm jus playin but I'm sayin. [x4]

Put it in half way red cafe.put da pussy on his rac-qual um um dat tickles.uncle murda can bring da chffs y is dat I gotta watch out gotta get it ruff. o I get it. as 4 gravey he might could b u noe dem fat niigas luv da eat.luv da eat.and wen I want a nicki minaj who could it b-e it's dem yung gunz chris and little nef-e. well nicki wat about fendi he made u pop tell em ta kick rocks or give me sum top.I'm on my wat 2 jerz to brake ransom off "slurp" qurenh his thrist wen my pants cum off.murda mook and mills gon have ta battle.scoop who eva wins and tellem 2 ski-daddle. run up on mims and he give me back shots um um dis is y dis is y I'm hot

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