Letra de I Ain't Thru de Nicki Minaj
[Keyshia Cole:]
So ain't nobody iller than me
And I ain't being cocky I'm just saying
It's time for me to do me
Time for me to live my life
And I ain't worried bout y'all
All you hating ass broads

With your hating ass fits
Hating ass this
Hating ass lips
So give me my elbow room
It's time for me to come through
I'm shining like my time,
I'm shining like my purse
I'm shining like my shoes
See I've been here on my grind
Doing mine and I ain't through

[Nicki Minaj:]
B-b-b-b-b bad bitch central
Check my credentials
Motherfucking right it's Nicki on the intro
And I'm even bitchier when I'm on my menstral
You ain't even got a credit card for incidental
Basic insurance and it don't include dental,
Dental, dental, yes bitch I'm mental
Plus I'm in the big boy and it's not a rental
Shit ain't sweet unless it's the Presidential
Y-Y-Y-Y-You a mut
Tell her quack quack, she a motherfucking duck, goose
She a saturday night live, spoof
One thing the coupe never got, roof!
Yeah I took the spot she gone, poof!
Me and KC, deuce!
Stay fly, you can call me "have a safe flight"
And my wrist froze, stage fright


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