Letra de Come Home de Placebo
Stuck between the do or die
I feel emaciated
Hard to breathe I try and try
I'll get asphyxiated
Swinging from the tallest height
With nothing left to hold on to

Every sky is blue
But not for me and you

Come home [Repeats]

Glass and petrol vodka gin
It feels like breathing methane
Throw yourself from skin to skin
And still it doesn't dull the pain
Vanish like a lipstick trace,
It always blows me away.

Every cloud is gray,
With dreams of yesterday.

Come home  [Repeats]

Always goes against the grain,
And I can try and deny it,
Give a monkey half a brain,
And still he's bound to fry it,
Now the happening scene is dead,
I used to want to be there too,

Every sky is blue,
But not for me and you,

Come home,  [Repeats]

Letra de: http://www.letrasymusica.net

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