Letra de No Life de Slipknot
My freedom is best
Whole country's on house arrest
And evryone's a suspect
You can't feel the flow because you died
Face down on a suicide
The motherfucker's on self-destruct
Nobody guardin' your back, its all a front
Save this! My rage is bliss!
I'm takin names and gettin' pissed!

Where's Chuck D when ya need him?
You ain't shit, just a puddle on the bed spread
The maniac psycho
Cool J screamed the shit but I still can't believe it!
Man, its funny that you scare me so
Just enough to fuck me up again and again
Hard life is hard as hell
Better back the fuck on up
Cuz this is...

No kind of life! This is no kind of life!
I've got to get out
It's no kind of life! This is no kind of life!
You can't blame me

Can't be real no more - your mask is skin and bone
Savor every flavor you got cuz its not your own
Bad-ass bat, man
Forget about the battle, its the war we gotta win
Breathe! Amer-cult, Breathe! One more - seethe!
Freak like you gotta pair
Won't be my fault
When you're painted in the corner of a no-good life

This is...

I can't remember, I don't understand
Is it malice that makes you this way?
Carry it with you 'til someone forgives you
I laugh cuz theres nothing to say
You can't begin to consider the
Palpable hate in the air when you're here
None of use wonder what weather you're under
Youre making it perfectly clear

Lights ain't on - shit ain't right
Never had peace but I gotta fight
Can you look in my eyes when my back's against the wall
Slash at my eyes, surprise, you'll never get me
You're all reality and sound bites
And the freedom is never in plain sight
The feelings, the question, the price is too human for fucking sake

This is...

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