Letra de In My Arms de Snow Patrol
Tell me something that I know
Just something that I understand
I need to taste the warming glow
Of your medicating hands
I know I'm ready for your love
I just don't understand it
There is a silent pact of trust
That I never could admit
That I never could

So now I'm telling you the reason I'm all messed up,
Just have to look me in the eyes and I fall apart
Please let me hold you 'til I know we're both through this
I couldn't lead another day without you here in my arms

You look so fragile I could break
But I try to hold myself
Together for the both of us
But in truth I'm just as scared
I just wanna watch you sleep
As you lie here beside me
So close your eyes, I'll guard the door
And when you wake you'll wake with me
And when you wake you'll


[Repeat x2]

In my arms
[Repeat to fade]

Letra de: http://www.letrasymusica.net

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