Letra de Atrophy de The Antlers
You've been living awhile
in the front of my skull making orders
You've been writing me rules
shrinking maps and redrawing borders

I've been repeating your speeches
but the audience just doesn't follow
Because I'm leaving out words, punctuation
it sounds pretty hollow

I've been living in bed
because now you tell me to sleep
I've been hiding my voice and my face
and you decide when I eat

In your dreams I'm a criminal
horrible, sleeping around
While you're awake I'm impossible
constantly letting you down

Little porcelain figurines
glass bullets you shoot at the wall
Threats of castration for crimes
you imagine when I miss your call

With the bite of the teeth
of that ring on my finger
I'm bound to your bedside
your eulogy singer

I'd happily take
all those bullets inside you
and put them inside of myself

Someone, oh anyone
tell me how to stop this
She's screaming, expiring
and I'm her only witness
I'm freezing, infected
and rigid in that room inside her

No one's gonna come
as long as I lay still
in bed beside her

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