Letra de Thanks for the Information de Van Morrison
Thanks for the information
Never give a sucker an even break
When he's breaking through
To a new level of consciousness
There always seems to be more
Obstacles in the way
Thanks for the information I know
It's only a combat zone
Thanks for the memory,
I'll just have
To carry on on my own

And it's wonderful and it's marvelous
How we can ever make it through
Sometimes I wonder how we can ever
Make it from day to day

Thanks for the information
What you gain on the hobby horse you lose on the swing
I like mine over easy
And you can have your's sunny side up
I don't want to quibble over insignificant details
And I've tried every trick in the book
Thanks for the information
I know I should look before I leap


Thanks for the information
Never give a sucker an even break
And with her everything light becomes heavy
And everything heavy becomes light
They took me down to the watering hole
Because I happened to mention I was dying of thirst
Then they told me he who believes first will be later
And he who believes later will be first


Thanks for the information
Oh never give a sucker an even break
When you're on to something it's a
Dime in a dozen people start
Coming out of the woodwork
Thanks for the invitation
I know I must be on to something big
Every time I take two steps forward
I end up having to take three back


Thanks for the information
A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush
Every time I'm ready for a major breakthrough
I always have to think in terms of better of worse
Thanks for the information
Thanks for the memory

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