Letra de This Has Got to Stop de Van Morrison
I'm giving you my heart and my soul
I'm giving you more than you'll ever know
I'm giving you just about everything I can
Can't you see that I'm just only one man

I took you out to the picture show
Then I took you walkin' outdoors
I walked you up and down the block
And I warned you baby this has got to stop

This has got to stop, you're way over the top
Pack my things and walk, we can't even talk
This has got to stop, I just had enough
I'm gonna call your bluff, walk you one more lap

And I watched you watching me as I watched you walk away from me
And I went off to that far country
I took a plane out to that Newfoundland
And you said to me that you didn't understand


Well I came back home and I burnt our house down
I watched it crumble to the ground
Oh it caved in like a piece of balsa wood
I turned to you and said baby, this is just no good

And I worked and I tried to build it all back up again
Today you told me that you had really changed
Then you knocked down all my castles in the sand
Then I said baby, I know now just where we stand


This has got to stop
Stop, stop I've had enough
I'm gonna call your bluff
Stop, stop, stop

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