Letra de Long and Winding Road de Xavier Naidoo
You've got three days and four hours more
To the opening of the final door
It's slightly uplifting to know your execution
Has been shifted

Tausend Geschichten von Tod und Teufel
Die sie berichten
Es braucht mehr als guten Willen und starken Glauben um die zwei zu vernichten
Lasst uns dichten

I have to leave and take my coat
It seems I'm kept in writing mode
With a lot of riddles to decode
Life's a long and winding
Life's a long and winding road

It's a beautiful day in my imagination
Just the right weather for light levitation
Life in motion not in portion
And I can hear me say "I think the war's on"
For so long

Letra de: http://www.letrasymusica.net

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