Letra de Seeing Is Believing de Xavier Naidoo
Seeing is Believing, now is that true?
Tell you a story as guidance for you

I saw you...and you saw me
Falling in love... is no love at all...See!

Love will grow, with a million mixed feelings
Love is no comic strip, it's always revealing
Love is no fast food
Love is more than we can express
At least for three years
You should look at it as a test
After seven years it could be close to a mess

Love means commitment, when we ain't got time
You lost your watch, that ain't no crime
Love means refusal
What would you take?
The panther or the poodle for
heaven's sake!
I'd take the panther for sure
But often love don't allow that no more
Love means sacrifice
Like a cake without sugar and spice
Love means more than we can express

Love is hot and love is cold
Just like a story your grandmother told
Love is cold and love is hot, and if you give it a shot
It could turn out like being wounded by the mob
So do you want that? Not!

Love is like temperatures going out of hands
Just like those fans
That wreck the hall and smash the chairs
Just to grab my pants!

Love has definitely nothing to do with falling in love
It's like bla bla bla
About peace which has the symbol of the white dove
Never understood that

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